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Grades 5-8
Welcome to the our classroom.   Be sure to look at the school main page for much of your information.   There you will find printable items such as the hot lunch  and hymn schedules.  You will see photo galleries of recent school events.  Please feel free to contact me anytime via email or telephone.

Classroom News  - November 1

Children gather together for chapel on Friday mornings. Pastor is teaching us the theme "God said it. I Believe it". Please join us each Friday morning at 8:15. This is a great opportunity not only to gather and listen to God's Word, but to also teach our children about the importance of regular offerings to the Lord. Plan with your children how much they want to give for the Lord's work and why they are doing it. Our Chapel offering this week was $3.55. We will be sending this year's offerings to the new mission in North Vietnam. Keep the Christians in this communist country in your prayers.

Please make sure that your child's work is being done on time and remind them to hand it in each morning.

Memory Work this week

   3rd - 4th 5th Commandment
   5th - 6th 5th Commandment
   7th - 8th 5th Commandment
   3rd - 4th Hymn 479
   5th - 6th Hymn 479
   7th - 8th Hymn 479

Spelling tests are on Fridays each week. Pretests are usually on Tuesday. Lesson 10 Test will be Thursday, November 7 instead of Friday due to the fact that there is no school on Friday.





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